What have I been up to?

Seems like so much happens in a week between being a parent, managing my household and being an artist.  We are also getting ready to move so I am packing, organizing and purging.  My art seems to be the sanity and the constant through it all so it’s more important than ever to keep it in my life.

About 2 months ago, when being undecided on what to focus on, I went back to doing small still-life studies in order to keep my eye fresh.  It’s been really fun to go back to small and strict guidelines that I’ve placed upon myself.  6 colors, a focused color harmony, and the feeling of light.

It’s also been great for me because I’ve not been having much success with my Mixed Media work lately, so these paintings allow me to feel accomplished when other parts of my artwork don’t.

I’ve always thought that as an artist, we must sort of “play these games” with ourselves to keep inspired, fresh and stimulated visually and mentally and this is the game I am currently playing.IMG_5231 IMG_5232